A Guide on Travelling With Toddler

Travelling with a toddler can be quite exciting and exhausting at the same time. Most toddlers are very different from young kids; they often need to be more mobile and independent to explore new places. As a parent, you must ensure that your child is safe and secure when travelling on an aeroplane. Here am sharing some practical tips with quick and easy tips for travelling with a child seat.

You may already know that when travelling with a child, there are certain precautions that you have to take. Always let your toddler sit in a child seat belt while flying on an aeroplane. Before travelling, make sure that the child seat is attached correctly and fastened properly. This will help you reduce the chance of mishaps or sudden shocks when an emergency arises while travelling. Keep in mind that you should never leave children home alone even when travelling by air travel as it may be dangerous for them.

When travelling by air travel, ensure that your child wears a suitable child seat that fits your child correctly and comfortably. If you are travelling long flights, buy a high-quality child car seat to protect your child against long flights and rough weather conditions. Buy a small rash cream that is specially designed for babies to keep them cool during hot temperatures. Use this cream before travelling by keeping your hands and feet warm as a child in a high seat will overheat quickly.

There are many security checks that you need to complete when travelling with a little one. Ensure that you have the complete checklist before leaving home. Your child must have a first aid kit with all the required medicines and devices. Ensure that your child is equipped with toys and books which are easy to hide inside. A more incredible pack is an absolute must, along with other supplies like wipes, lip balm, sunscreen lotion, cotton wool, a book or tube of lip balm, eye cream and a small razor or scissor.

If you are travelling alone, do not carry heavy bags on your shoulders as this may increase the chance of falling. Instead, carry light but bulky bags, preferably in a case. A child carrier is a better option if you are travelling alone. Do not carry your little one in your arms, as this is not only awkward but can result in neck or back injuries. Ensure that your child has no toys or articles that may get in their mouth and throat as they may choke during long flights.

For those travelling by flights, ensure that your child is placed in an appropriate place like a window or an aisle in the plane. On long flights, ensure that your child is placed in a window that faces the runway. As long as your child is kept busy and does not fall asleep, he/she will be safe and sound during the flight. If you feel that you are unable to keep a check on your kid at all times while travelling, you can ask for an alternative method like using a baby monitor or carry him in your arms.

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