Travelling With Newborn Baby – What You Need to Know

Is it safe to travel with a newborn? You may be able to travel with your child even before he/she is certified as full-term. Of course, there are some limitations to this, such as not taking the plane with a newborn and having a licensed healthcare provider accompany you. However, most airlines today allow you to bring a newborn on board. However, when travelling with a newborn, make sure your infant is at least two months old since this is the absolute minimum age permitted by most international airlines.
If your infant is at least six months old, it will be OK to board with a baby, even if you are using a seat that does not recline, such as an economy seat or an aisle seat. It is OK to bring a newborn into the cabin of the aeroplane as long as you leave her in the seat facing you and not in your lap. As long as you know where your seat is located and where your seat is going, you can be assured that the child is in the same room as you. Also, do not forget to put your child on a seat that is not occupied by a baby, like in the galley or in the middle of the aisle. If there are other babies in the cabin, or if your infant is sharing a seat with another baby, it is not safe for your child to lie down next to another passenger, even if it is just an infant seat.
The question of “Is it safe to travel with newborns?” is easy enough to answer. If your cabin does not recline, it will not affect your ability to sleep or your bonding time with your little ones. If there are other infants in the cabin, it is probably a good idea to separate the babies so that one doesn’t feel left out. You should also remember that you should take along some baby-friendly supplies, like toys and wipes, so that when your little ones get hungry or thirsty, they do not feel lonely.
Another safety issue that many parents face when travelling with their newborns is that there is a chance that they will miss the opportunity to change the diaper. While it may seem tempting to leave the baby alone in the cabin to change, this can be very dangerous. You need to make sure that you have a clean, dry diaper and a bottle nearby so that you can change the baby quickly when she is done crying.
If you are flying alone, check with your airline about the regulations for carrying a baby in a car seat. In most cases, airlines do not allow an infant over the age of 12 months in a car seat. This rule also applies to toddlers that are two years of age and older. In addition, if you purchased a car seat at eight months old, then you can keep the baby in the car seat as long as the car seat is securely fastened into the seat base.
When travelling with newborn babies, you need to be very sensitive to the needs of the baby. Remember that you will be away from home for several hours, possibly more, so prepare yourself for some extra sleep and make sure that you are prepared for frequent diaper changes. While you may think that this poses a security risk, it is actually much less dangerous than leaving a child in a sitter’s room. All you have to do is remember to keep her safe and well-fed while you are gone!

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