Business Travel – Tips For Reducing Costs

Business travel is often travel undertaken for business or work-related purposes, rather than leisurely commuting between one’s workplace and home, as with other forms of travel. Whether on short business trips or for prolonged international travel, the need for business travellers is evident, with many of today’s business leaders placing a high priority on meeting clients and prospects in a stimulating business environment. According to a recent survey, nearly 85% of all business owners consider business travel an essential part of their annual work experience. However, with the popularity of business travel comes the high cost of business airfare, accommodations, and related expenses. Many business owners, frustrated by the cost of business airfare, are seeking options for affordable business air tickets online.

Business travellers face unique travel challenges than their trips:

Greater financial risk

More time away from work

Fewer scheduled contact hours with employees

Limited face-to-face meetings

Business travel requires additional planning and preparation than trips undertaken for pleasure and requires a flexible schedule which meets the specific needs of the individual business traveller. Often, business travellers must overcome many hurdles to ensure successful and fruitful business meetings because business executives spend considerably more time away from the office than their counterparts. Therefore, when planning a business trip, it is essential to carefully select your destination, travel dates, accommodations, business travel support teams, professional credentials, and activities and business sponsors.

As an alternative to expensive business trips, many small businesses today are electing to book affordable business trips using innovative methods, such as airline miles and frequent flyer miles programs. Airline miles are one of the most widely used forms of reasonable airfare discounts for business trips. In addition, Airlines offer numerous frequent flyer miles programs to new customers, often at no charge. Some of these programs provide business travellers with the option to book flights at discounted prices through online portals. Frequent flyer miles can be redeemed for free tickets, rental cars, or even hotel stays. When planning your business trip, you may wish to consider exploring options for frequent flyer miles.

Another method for minimizing business travel costs is by successfully overcoming jet lag during travel time. Many individuals experience mild to severe jet lag once they return home from travelling overseas. This is because many individuals have an adjustment period when returning home; their body has been drastically altered by being in foreign surroundings for an extended period. Jet lag can severely interfere with successful business meetings and can cause discomfort and illness. Therefore, if you must travel abroad, you may want to consider organizing a trip to minimize jet lag.

Business travellers can also take advantage of tax deductions for business travel expenses. Tax deductions for business travel came in deductions based upon both business-related cost and personal activities. So, for example, you can deduct expenses for business-related travel, leisure, dining and remove other personal activities.

The third option that may be available to business travellers is using a personal car while travelling on business. Suppose your business destination does not have an airport or other transportation facility close to the business travel destination. In that case, using your car can significantly reduce the overall transportation costs associated with your trip. In addition, many tax deductions are available for the use of personal vehicles, including depreciation, which refers to the reduction in a business car’s value that occurs over time. However, it should be noted that there is often a limit on personal care deduction. If you are travelling for business, you may need to consult with a tax professional to determine the applicable limits.

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