What You Should Know About China Airlines

Among the numerous international airlines today, no two can boast the same popularity as China Airlines. Established in 1922, it has always been at the forefront of airline services in the domestic and international markets. Today, it flies to destinations across Asia, making it one of the biggest airlines serving that part of the globe. The following will help you know more about this Chinese carrier, all the more necessary for your convenience.

China Airlines is currently the state-owned national airline of the People’s Republic of China. Among its two airlines – EVA Air and Beijing Yangheng Airlines – it is deemed the most reliable and efficient. It is currently based in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport and flies over 1400 daily flights to 102 different cities across Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. Among the major destinations served by the airline are Beijing, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Bangalore, and Tokyo. In addition, this carrier also flies to Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, and Honolulu. It has already established a new record in just the past three years, with a whopping fourteen thousand passengers taken on board!

The huge popularity of this airline is mostly attributable to its excellent track record and low fares. The low-cost flights and regular schedules have made it a favourite among budget-conscious travellers. Its emphasis on timely aircraft maintenance has also helped it achieve a high level of safety, particularly in cabin crew health and safety. In fact, in compliance with the demands of the civil aviation industry, China Airlines sets a high standard of aircraft maintenance.

Now, let us move on to the other aspect of this airline that contributes largely to its extraordinary popularity–its focus on quality customer service. The airline has set an example for other airlines, as well as flight attendants, to follow. It has never failed to show up on time for any scheduled flight, even for international flights.

The airline’s focus on quality customer care is evident in its uniform cabin crew health and safety vests. Also, an on-time departure from all destinations is a priority. No other airline even comes close to fulfilling this promise. Furthermore, the airline has strictly enforced a zero patient drop off rate, which means that no patient is ever left without treatment at any of its branches.

Another hallmark of this airline is its focus on maintaining a clean fleet. The cabin crew health and safety training manual boast of a zero fatality ratio since its establishment. Its commitment to safety is not just for the passengers alone. Its pilots and flight attendants undergo comprehensive health and safety training to ensure their safety as well.

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