Travel With Cat – Essential Safety Tips

When you travel with a cat, you need to be careful as they can be very destructive. They tend to jump out of luggage, scratch furniture etc. If you can not keep your cat safe, it is good not to travel with them. It is much safer to wait until they are fully grown to be more willing to travel with you.

If you want to take them on board, make sure they have a harness and leash. When travelling back to the destination, check all the bags and luggage to ensure no items are missing. Ensure that your cat has their collar and tag on, as this will help you if something happens to them. If you purchase a cat harness, they will fit comfortably around the waist, and most come with a seat as well.

On arrival at the destination, carry your cat with you and place him or her in the temporary litter box, which the staff will provide. It is important to ensure that your cat is secure whilst being transported. A temporary litter box will keep your cat away from other areas of interest, such as airports, as they are often overcrowded. The same goes for a car boot. Keep your dog leashed and make sure your pet is safely stowed within the vehicle before setting off.

If you use airports, then carry your dog along with your cat in a carrier and stroller. If you use a car travel system, place your pet carrier on the window. If you prefer not to use carriers, you can tie a simple leash from the car door handle. Many cars have a button to press when you press your horn or activate the emergency brake. Some systems will automatically lock your car doors and release the airbags if a collision should occur.

If you drive using a car system or on a leash, it is recommended that you ensure that the windows are closed and the doors locked. If a collision should occur, then you can pull over and lock your car doors. You should also make sure that your dog has his or her collar on at all times. This will prevent your cat from jumping out from under the vehicle and making you have to run for your life.

If you want to travel with your cat in a standard vehicle, you should invest in a TSA approved harness. You should make sure that the harness fits correctly and is comfortable. Your cat should be wearing the harness for at least 15 minutes and possibly overnight.

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