Understanding the Psychological Benefits of Traveling

We have heard countless times over the years how travelling is good for us. On TV shows and other media, we are constantly being told how our lives will be enriched through air travel or save money on gas if we drive instead of flying. But do these facts hold any water? Are air tickets worth it, or are they just another way for airlines to make more money? The answer to this question is not simple. The benefits of travel may depend on who you ask.
Many of us have travelled many times throughout our lives, and often, we return from those travels with an empty wallet and no genuine concept of how the journey changed our lives. This is because travel benefits were never viewed as part of a person’s life until one day while packing for a trip. For some people, their first travel experience is when they gained perspective about what they want out of life. For these people, the cost of travel was nothing compared to its impact on their lives.
Some of us have never travelled before, but we still have things in our luggage that we bought while living in the same house like our parents or grandparents. For these people, even if they never purchased or flew any plane, the act of buying airline tickets and loading their bags with things they need to go away has created a whole new feeling in their lives. Now they look at travel as an adventure, instead of something that needs to be “done”. And as they gain experience in their travels, they begin to feel a whole new type of freedom and confidence in themselves.
However, for some of us, the experience of travelling was much more positive than these. For these people, the experience of purchasing a plane ticket and boarding the aeroplane was almost spiritual. It brought them closer to the people they were visiting and gave them a chance to socialize with them in a different setting. When these people see people in the street, they can look past their body language and know the person’s soul by looking in their eyes. For these people, talking on the phone, eating, and even driving while on the aeroplane were far more enjoyable than trying to communicate through a noisy plane.
While all of these aspects are important to all of us, none of them can make up for the emotional and spiritual experience travelling can give us. No matter how well we know someone or how well we know a place when that person is standing in front of us, there is simply no way to take the physical form with the same level of emotion that they would have felt at home. For this reason, travelling invokes more heart than any of us can understand. Even if we don’t understand the causes and reasons behind each travel experience, we can all agree that all travel is a labour of love. Whether we are making long-distance trips, short ones, or travel within our own country, we are all affected by the things we learn about and are forever changed by the friendships we make.
How travelling makes us a better person is something we all can relate to. No matter how far away we are from those we care about, we can always find time to talk on the phone, eat in restaurants, or read books about our travels. Unfortunately, many of us never get the opportunity to do any of these things because we are too preoccupied with our current situation. However, when we are travelling, we are in a different place, and everything we do is geared towards helping us get over the anxiety of moving. It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling to another country or your closest neighbour; what matters is that you can have meaningful and lasting relationships with the people you meet while you are apart.

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